Videogame Performer Strike Is Over

Interactive Videogame Companies Reach Agreement with SAG-AFTRA in Strike


Los Angeles—The Videogame Companies today announced the nearly year-long strike by SAG-AFTRA actors is over as both sides reached an agreement during the weekend.

“We want to thank our counterparts at SAG-AFTRA for their efforts to conclude this labor dispute and reach a deal that will bring SAG-AFTRA members back to work on upcoming videogame projects,” said chief negotiator Scott Witlin.  “The Videogame Companies and SAG-AFTRA both worked hard to reach this deal and end the strike.”

The strike began Oct. 21, 2016, against nine of the top American videogame producers, developers and publishers. The dispute was officially resolved in the early morning hours of Saturday, Sept. 23.  The new contract will run for three years from the date of ratification by SAG-AFTRA which should take place in the coming weeks.

The new contract provides a substantial pay increase for performers through both increases in session fees and additional compensation tied to a performer’s contribution to the videogame.  In addition, the Videogame Companies agreed to additional transparency in bookings and to continue to cooperate with SAG-AFTRA in the area of safety, including vocal stress.



The coalition of Videogame Companies who bargained jointly for convenience with SAG-AFTRA on the Interactive Media Agreement include: Activision Productions, Inc., Blindlight, LLC, Disney Character Voices, Inc., Electronic Arts Productions, Inc., Formosa Interactive, LLC, Insomniac Games, Inc., Take 2 Productions, Inc., VoiceWorks Productions, Inc., and, WB Games, Inc.


The companies’ website: Twitter: @SAGAFTRAVGames.


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