Los Angeles–None of the Interactive Video Game Companies that have bargained together have signed a contract with SAG-AFTRA.  Any report or statement that suggests otherwise is either mistaken or direct misinformation.

The SAG-AFTRA strike against the major video game developers and publishers continues since it began in October 2016.

While there have been no talks since last fall, the Video Game Companies would welcome the Union back to the table for meaningful conversations.

The Companies look forward to the time when SAG-AFTRA will let its members return to the work that they love.


The Coalition of Video Game Companies who are bargaining jointly for convenience with SAG-AFTRA on the Interactive Media Agreement. The companies include: Activision Productions, Inc., Blindlight, LLC, Disney Character Voices, Inc., Electronic Arts Productions, Inc., Formosa Interactive, LLC, Insomniac Games, Inc., Take 2 Productions, Inc., VoiceWorks Productions, Inc., and, WB Games, Inc.

The companies’ viewpoint can be found at their website http://videogamestrikenews.com/.

Twitter: @SAGAFTRAVGames